Solarplus M280 Specifications
Total Capacity 280 Litres
Overall length 2600mm
Overall Width 2110mm
Overall Height 460mm
Outer Tank Diameter 460mm
Outer Tank Length 2325mm
Normal Working Pressure 60psi 500k
Relief Valve Settings 750kpa
Weight Empty 55kg
Weight Full Total 327kg
Out Cylinder Case Material 0.7 Stucco
Embossing Aluminium  
Tank Insulation Polyurethane STAC
Thermostat Pullin or Heatro
Tank Insulation
A) Polyurethane Foam Polyol & Isocynatem
B) Method High Pressure Injection
C) Weight 12kg (approx)
Laminar Flow Stratifier
Stainless Steel 1.2mm x 19mm
Diameter Length 50mm
A) Cylinder Length 2198mm
B) Cylinder End 64mm x 390mm x 1.2mm
C) Material Special Grade 1mm & 1.2mm
      Stainless Steel  
A) Length 1677mm
B) Width 1192mm
C) Height 77.5mm
D) Absorber Plate Design Fin Tube Aluminium
E) Absorber Plate Material Aluminium
F) Absorber Plate Thickness 0.5mm
G) Nett Absorder Area (Single) 2sq m
H) Absorber Plate Coating Black Chromatt
I) Absorption Coefficient 0.98
J) Emission Coefficient 0.15
K) Coefficient +/-0.01%
L) No. of Riser Tube 9pcs
M) Riser Tube Material 0.7mm x 12.7mm Copper
N) Maniflow Tube Material 0.7mm x 12.7mm Copper
O) Riser Plate Spacing 128mm
P) Riser Joint Type Bronze Brazed
Q) Leak Test Pressure H.T. 1,000kpa
R) Over Test Pressure H.T. 1,500kpa
Collector Casing
A) Material Aluminium Extrusion
  Anodised Black
B) Thickness 1.0mm
C) Vent Holes 4
D) Trim Depth 8mm
E) Material for Base 0.5mm
Collector Insulation
A) Thickness 28mm
B) Sheet Size 1170mm x 1677mm
C) Material Aluminium Foil with Polystryrole High
Paneltex Glass
A) Thickness 4mm
B) Sheet Size 1170mm x 1677mm
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